Bajibom, the birth of a brand.

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Welcome to the Bajibom website …

“These pictures of ultrasounds are bizarre”, you could say!!

I could say: not so weird!

When I woke up at 5:00 this morning … (it’s not a habit, but this morning the birds thought they were at « La Scala de Milano »), I was seeking inspiration for this website’s pending page.

Big surprise!

All the feelings I had about it brought me back to the image of a pregnancy.

Because I’m looking forward to this web store,
Because it’s a lot of preparation,
Because I think about it night and day,
Because sometimes I have a little back pain since I am bending over my sketch or my sewing machine to imagine the coolest clothes for kids!
Because I hesitate about colors of each fabric, soft? bright? … As I hesitated to choose the harmony of colors in my kids’ bedrooms.
Because this project is building gradually, and each appointment with my web designer is as exciting and scary as I had with my doctor pointing to the screen, the image of my baby.
Because my husband is concerned about my welfare and invests 200% to relieve me everyday.
Because I still ask myself if I will live up to the task and in the same minute I know it will work!

Anyway, this online store is some kind of a new baby and makes me happy already. So sorry, I can not share more now but I promise to announce the birth as soon as it is ready.